Each product is designed to meet specific needs, depending on architectural style, regional preference and price point. And regardless of the product you choose, Windsor is committed to being the best value in the industry. Choose from a wide selection of materials, as well as expanded sizes and decorative accessories. If you’re building a new home, remodeling, or taking on a historical renovation, Windsor’s windows and doors allow you to get creative without sacrificing quality or stretching your budget.

Natural wood serves as one of the most energy efficient materials available. Windsor uses only the finest wood interiors of Clear Select Pine, Natural Alder or Douglas Fir.

Windsor products feature LoE 366 glass with a coating that alters the way glass transmits visible and invisible light. LoE 366 decreases heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Reduced ultraviolet light penetration also helps prevent your furniture, drapes and carpet from fading.

We use only heavy-duty .050 extruded aluminum cladding, versus thin roll form aluminum. It is sturdier and more resistant to exterior damage, including dents and chips. The powder coat used in our paint application is the extremely durable 2604 finish. The 2605 finish is available when your project requires an even stronger defense against the elements.

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